"Dominick the Donkey."

A holiday classic, that used to scare me as a child, but now it makes me angry, because Dominick does not have his own movie.

I think that Dominick does not have his own movie, because holiday movies are prejudice toward Italians, and that is not fair.

The Grinch has a movie and a cartoon, and he tried to steal Christmas.. I mean the holidays.... WOW! Mind Blown! ( More on that later.)

Scrooge has hated the holiday season since 1843, and people can't stop making a big deal about the grumpy old, rich man.


Frosty was a snowman who stole a magicians hat, and he gets his own cartoon, song and some creepy movies.

The Krampus punishes naughty kids, and he gets his own movie.

Santa is a foreigner who visits America, and is not screened by the government, and most of the holiday is based on him, he doesn't even have a passport. Santa also kisses other men's wives.

All that poor Dominick gets is a silly song, why doesn't Dominick have his own movie?

He is the cutest little donkey, you never see him kick.

All the reindeer have their own movies, and they can't even climb the hills of Italy, Dominick can.

Dominick the Donkey, deserves his own movie, he can dance and he understands Italian, and most important, he is delivering American goods, from Brooklyn to kids in Italy.

I have a theory as to why though:

They say that "you never see him kick."

That does not mean that Dominick the Donkey, does not kick.

What if, Dominick the Donkey is a hitman for the Mafia?

And that is why you never see him kick?

Because when he is kicking, he is whacking out wise guys for the Don?

No one wants to make a movie or a cartoon about Dominick, because they're afraid.


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