DJ Supreme and I sit down to discuss The Last Dragon on Hollywood Blockbuster Video!

The 80's classic that introduced us to "The Glow" and taught us why you should not bring a gun to a Kung Fu fight.

I suppose it is unfair of me to give The Last Dragon a $9.00 rating because of the lack of boobs because there are plenty of boobs in the movie but no topless scenes and that justifies my rating of The Last Dragon because they could of had a topless scene if they really wanted too.

The main character appears topless often in the movie but I don't want to see Leroy topless I want to see Vanity topless.

I have a lot of found memories about this movie and to this day the mystery tank with the mystery monster still scares me, I used to have nightmares about that tank when I was a kid. I eventually got over the nightmares but I am still hesitant when approaching tanks of dirty water.

DJ Supreme gave The Last Dragon a $10.00 rating and rightfully so, a good movie is a movie that you can watch over and over again and I have watched The Last Dragon many times, it's one of those movies that if I catch it on cable, I have to keep watching until the final battle scene.

In conclusion: The Last Dragon is awesome but I can't let go of the boob thing, no pun intended, just kidding of course I've been waiting to write that in.

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