Year in and year out during the all star break the country gets to see the best sluggers in baseball duke it out. Here is why this year is a can't miss event.

Now of course if you're a Yankee fan you have well two reasons to watch, Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge. That alone for many is enough reason to watch. We have all seen the amazing power that the giant Judge possesses. Not to mention he is leading the majors in home runs all in his rookie year. Judge is not the only reason to watch and may not even be the main reason for most.

The other reason is Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. If you missed last years home run derby you missed the most impressive performance of all time. A total of 61 homers among the 3 rounds. Many of which were well over 480 feet!!

The reason I am watching is to hopefully see Stanton v Judge in the final round. Then again I wouldn't mind seeing that round be Sanchez v Judge.

The event begins tomorrow in Miami at 8 P.M. on ESPN.