Aaron Judge

New York Baseball Fans Are In For A Long Winter
The purest of Major League Baseball fans enjoy the rumors and gossip created by the MLB General Managers meetings that follow the regular season each year. Trade rumors and free agent destinations are usually plastering the headlines of our favorite sports websites, warming the winter months. The hopes of championships to come, ring in with the holidays and ride right into Spring Training. It appears that is going to happen this year.
Should the Yankees Bring Back Manager Aaron Boone?
The roller coaster of being a New York Yankees manager has been riding since the Babe Ruth days a century ago. When the final out was recorded on Tuesday night in Boston and the Yankees had lost to the Red Sox 6-2 in the American League Wild Card game, Aaron Boone was no longer under contract to manage any more games for his team.
Did Early Struggles Help New York Yankees Historic Winning Streak?
If you ever watch old World War II movies, some 5 star General would be bellowing, "We may have lost the battle but we will win the war." All year long, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone preached to his team and to the media, to paraphrase, "the offense will come around. We're close". He was right. Boone may have been more correct than even he knew.
Root Canal leads to Yankee Hot Streak
When a team is struggling like the New York Yankees have been, you need someone to step up with a Herculean effort sometimes to right the ship. An extracted tooth may have been just the thing to set Aaron Boone's Bronx Bombers sailing.