One Hoosic Valley Central School District's school's yearbook had a few surprises in it and now the school is apologizing for a "non-intentional, honest mistake".

Athletes were labeled in team pictures as 'creepy smile kid', 'some tall guy' 'isolation kid', 'someone', 'Samantha someone', and other made up names.

Superintendent Amy Goodell claims this was a "non-intentional, honest mistake" while others call it a form of bullying and some think it was just a bad joke. Goodell told the Troy Record that "the yearbook editor and staff are devastated".

Corrections have been made and the parent's of those students who were given the names have been contacted. Questions are being raised how the many editors of the yearbook missed such an error.

Senior Dean Anderson told Fox 23: "There are a lot of yearbook editors and there are a lot of people that reviewed it. I don't know how everybody missed it.”

The yearbooks cost $100 each and some are calling saying there should be refunds and reprints made. Goodell met with several parents of those children misnamed and may refund their money, though nothing has been confirmed.