Some kids in Greece, New York are in some big trouble after harassing an elderly bus monitor so bad it moved her to tears.

The internet is a powerful thing. Some kids in Greece, New York are feeling its wrath right now. After a video of these kids harassing an elderly bus monitor popped up online, every source in the world grabbed a hold of it. It's gone viral, and now internet giant 4chan has gotten involved.

Everyone is hating these kids, and with good reason. Some of the things they yelled at the woman are just awful. Obviously bullying has gone to a whole new level, and things are starting at a younger age. This woman did not deserve this, and if you can make it through the entire 10 minute video without feeling sick, then more power to you.

It looks like Karen, the monitor, could have the last laugh. The world is on her side, and a website has been set up in order to raise money to send her on a dream vacation. They have already raised nearly $150,000.

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