Unfortunately, bullying is still part of so many teenagers' lives. For one of our listeners, it almost took the ultimate toll.

Claudia is like most other 14-year-old girls. She likes music and sang in choir. Likes hanging out with her boyfriend and has loving parents. And unfortunately, like so many other teenagers her age, she was a victim of a brutal attack by bullies.

After Claudia's bullies convinced her that no one cared or loved her, they suggested over and over that Claudia should kill herself. After a while, Claudia listened. Thankfully, Claudia's suicide attempt was a failed one.

While in the hospital, Claudia was allowed to listen to her iPod for a few hours a day. On that iPod was a band called We As Human. Claudia not only listened to the band's music, but also the band's message. One message in particular was in the song "Take the bullets away," that song made Claudia realize that she wasn't alone in how she felt.

So when We as Human came to Q103's studio for a garage session, we took the opportunity to introduce Claudia to the band that helped her feel a part of something again.

Thank you to Claudia for the strength and courage to allow us to hear your story. May you stand as a shining example for others who are and will walk your path.

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