For those of you that don’t know, I refer to myself as ‘The Kid.’ And right now, The Kid is hot! So let’s see what The Kid likes tonight.

In the NBA, let’s keep betting against the Knicks. Hey, when you find something good, keep going with it. God, these guys must really be embarrassed the way things have gone after that “Blockbuster” trade. I still like Chauncy, but Carmello has turned out just to be just as lazy as some of us have thought and kept his reputation as someone who doesn’t like to play defense. And it appears that New York has ridden Amar’e Stoudemire’s back too long and now he has nothing in the tank. Ultimately, I hope the Knicks find a way to make it into the playoffs, but for now I’ll take a team a couple games behind them who really want their spot and are getting 7 points.

In the NCAA I’ll be going with Marquette +4 and Kentucky +6.5. I know many people have been bashing the Big East because so many teams from that conference fell so quickly in the tournament, but I think you’ll see why this 11th team got in.

I’ve been known to pick against Kentucky a few times year saying that they have too many freshmen and aren’t mature enough to go very far. But something happened with them late in the regular season as they finally held on for a couple key road wins and then easily cruised through the SEC tourney without any problems. Like myself, I just think they’re hot.

Bucks +7

Golden Eagles +4

Wildcats +6.5

Hey, I might lose them all, but I'm having fun and am up for the year. Good luck to all and have a great weekend!