We are looking at the last few games of the NBA regular season tonight and Chicago has a big opportunity to end the year on top, they just need some help from Phoenix.


The regular season in the NBA this year has been nothing short of awesome!  Hands down the most exciting that I have seen the NBA in a long time.  Finally we have some very strong teams in both the east and west plus some real superstars are emerging from the ranks.

We might be seeing a changing of the guard in the east has Boston's older guys are really starting to look it against some of the younger talent in the league.  The Celtics have been the kings of the Eastern Conference for a few years now, but it looks like their time is done and Chicago is moving on up.  Chicago has been very disappointing since the end of the Jordan era.  They haven't really been able to put all the pieces together until this year and now they are looking to finish up the season not just the best in the east, but best in the league.

The Bulls beat the Knicks last night to tie San Antonio for the best record in the NBA.  The Spurs lost to the Lakers and face the Phoenix Suns tonight to end the regular season.  The Suns are most likely going to miss the playoffs  this year, but could play spoiler.  San Antonio has held the NBA's best record for the whole season.  It would be awesome to see Chicago take that spot at the last second.  The Bulls will need to beat New Jersey tonight and hope the Suns can pull out a win against The Spurs.


Miami hasn't lived up to the crazy hype from the off season, but they also haven't let anything slip away.  they are the 2 seed in the East and face the 76ers in the first round.  No doubt they will take that series, and if they don't I'll be very surprised.

The Knicks started off the season red hot with Amare Stoudemire in the lead spot and worked all season to get Carmelo Anthony into the Garden.  They finally did and it was not what they expected at first.  It took a while for them to click, but now they have and they are looking pretty good.  The Knicks finish the season in Boston against the Celtics, the team they also face in the first round of the playoffs.  Boston has been struggling of late, but veteran teams like them and the Lakers are built for the playoffs.  All they need to do is flip the switch and away they go.  The NBA playoffs begin April 16 and it is going to be very exciting.

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