The NBA in general has been very exciting this year and the start of the playoffs was no exception.  Big upsets and last minute wins was what was in store over the weekend.


You would have thought you were watching game 7 of the NBA finals over and over again this weekend because we had some very exciting game ones in the NBA playoffs.  One of the most anticipated series this post season is between the Knicks and Celtics which started in Boston.

The Knicks had a tremendous first half and led by as much as 12, but the veteran Boston Celtics battled back in the second half and eventually the Celtics would go up.  This game was a defensive battle all the way, very physical.  It was Ray Allen who did a lot of the damage for Boston he had 24 points including a few three pointers, one of which was the game winner.  You can tell that this series will most likely get heated down the road, especially with players like Amare Stoudemire and Kevin Garnett who play with such passion.  As a die hard Boston Celtic fan I can't wait to see how things unfold.


Out west the number one seeded San Antonio Spurs had a rough time against the Memphis Grizzlies.  Spurs missing one of their leading scorers in Manu Ginobli, but it shouldn't have kept them out of the game.  Memphis would pull off the big upset with a 101-98 win giving the Grizzles their first playoff win in franchise history.

The Lakers are the number two seed in the west and they also have some trouble.  Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets beat them 109-100.  This is the first time that the number one and number two seeds in the west have both lost a game one since the new playoff structure was implemented in the 1980's.

A team that I have been watching very closely this year is the Oklahoma City Thunder who have a great team.  Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are poised to win rings together and this year could be their time.  They are an underdog, but Durant's 41 point performance last night makes that goal that much closer.  Thunder beat the Nuggets 107-103.


Now sometimes a 40 plus point performance isn't enough for a team.  Case in point, Dwight Howard put up 46 on Saturday but his Magic can't get past the Hawks.  Atlanta takes game one 103-93.  The Hawks have proven over the last few years that they are ready to go far in the playoffs and I think they will get past Orlando who has been struggling this year.

The Heat also pick up a game one win over the 76ers.  Miami is the heavy favorite to win the east this year, but lets not give them the title yet because my pick for MVP this year may have something to say about that.  Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls have been playing some great basketball and Saturday was no exception.  They beat the Pacers 104-99.  Rose puts up 39 points in Chicago's game one win.

Though Miami seems to be heavily favored to win the east, I don't think they get out of the second round.  My prediction for the Eastern Conference Finals this year is going to be the Chicago Bulls and The Boston Celtics.  I would love to see my Celtics win it this year, but with the way Chicago is playing I think they go into the Finals against the  Oklahoma City Thunder.  Ballsy, yes I know, but it's fun to make predictions no matter how wrong you end up being.  And if you're right, then you can brag.

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