With Halloween on Thursday, reminders to eat healthy  are popping up everywhere. By everywhere, I'm referring to YouTube. Thank you to the lady who spends three minutes of her life reminding us that a handful of M&M's will net us 250 calories. Yeah, thank you!

Here's the cold hard truth for this lovely lady who HAS to stick to her god forsaken diet. Lady, it's Halloween, of course chocolate-covered goodies are terrible for us. Just like eating 15 portions on Thanksgiving. It's going to happen, end of story!

While you may have an issue putting down the Reese's cups, I truly believe most will put the candy down once they feel like they're going to explode. You my friend, you have a problem. It's you that needs to make a YouTube video and keep it private, for yourself. The rest of us will gorge and not feel guilty, you know why? It's Halloween and that's what we do. We house our kids' candy with a big huge smile on our faces.

Happy Halloween!