I am not offended by a whole lot of the wages earned by many of the workers for New York. But come on, the top-earning one, really?

Listen, like any job I am sure jealousy is a thing when it comes to your rate. For state workers, it is made public. The list has everyone, I had to hit the more option at least 15 times just to find what Governor Andrew Cuomo made in 2017. I was a little shocked at that one. First though, let's mention the highest paid state employee in New York.

Carlos Pato took home that honor and wheel barrow's of dough as the Dean of Medicine for SUNY Downstate Medical Center. I understand that means he is a doctor. That is a lot of money though. Should have gone to med school I guess.

On to the one you have read this far in curiosity over. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the Empire State. He actually made less than I assumed he would have. $178,504.

Do you agree considering all the controversy that surrounds him and all the things he is in charge of? A stressful $178,000 for sure.



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