When I came down with the flu two years ago, I vowed to do everything I could to never get it again. That's when I discovered this natural remedy that a swear by. There is a natural remedy called elderberry that protects you from the flu and cuts your cold suffering in half. According to WKBW, with the flu at an all-time high, there is a natural remedy that doctors are recommending. Many people are turning to elderberry.

I actually take two elderberry gummies every night before bed. It also comes in syrup form. The properties in the elderberry boost your immune system to better fight colds and the flu. It is still recommended that you get a flu shot, but the elderberry acts as extra protection.

It has been proven that if you get the flu or a cold and you have it for seven days and take elderberry, it can cut down the duration to three to four days.

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