The Bruins were very happy after winning the 2011 Stanley Cup and what better way to celebrate with a one or two drinks?  If that were only the case.I have gone to the bar before and looked at my tab the next day and gone, well that was a dumb move.  Drinking can get expensive.  That's why hobos drink on the street out of paper bags?  Or maybe that's because they are homeless?  Regardless, I have never seen a bar tab as ridiculous as the Boston Bruins celebratory night out tab.

Sure, it was a big night and the probably deserved to get a little crazy but do I can't imagine spending this much money unless I'm on the market to buy a home.  Yes that's right, they spent as much at the bar, as some do on a house.  The total of the bill was $156,679.74.  That included 9 bottles of Grey Goose, 1 $300 bottle of Bacardi, $680 on Bud Light, 4 bottles of Crown Royal, a $100,000 30L bottle of Ace of Spades "Midas" champagne and dozens upon dozens of various shots and mixed drinks. The bottle of champagne is one of only 6 in the world.  Holy hell.  The Boston Bruins sure do know how to party!  I think I'll send some tickets to them for Q-Ruption, because then we will literally blow the roof off the inside of SPAC.