Friday morning we had to put my cat down.  She was very old and had succumbed to kidney failure after years of kidney disease (a fantastic fight) and a recent stroke.  It was an extremely sad event for my family and I and it left me wondering how old she would have been had she been human?

She was a part of the family, my best friend who has been through everything with me:  good times and bad.  She was probably the person who knew the most about me because I'd share everything with her.  I'd go to her with my life problems and decisions as if she'd give me the answer with her eyes.  My friend compared my relationship with my cat to Anne Hathaway's relationship with her cat in the movie The Princess Diaries.  What made it the hardest, and a big reason why she was so close to me was the fact that I had gotten her when I was about 7 years old; she has been there most of my life.  She was 17 years and 4 months on Friday when she passed.  That is old for a cat, but it left me wondering just how old?

I knew the old "dog age" trick of each year equaling 7 years for a dog, but dog's lifespans are generally much shorter than a cat's, so that doesn't work.  I found a decent cat age calculator online with explanation for it's accuracy.  The cat calculator put my cat somewhere in between 87-90 years old in human years.  She clearly lived her life, and that has provided me some relief.

Check out how old your cat would be if they were human, the website that I found the calculator at with the explanation of it's accuracy is here:

Photo By:  Nicole Hrinishin

The only cat that could read!

RIP, I love you, Kitty.

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