Gas is something we all have to fill up on every week but just because it's something we need it doesn't mean that we have to pay too much for it.

If you have been seeing some of your friends on social media posting pictures of their dirt .cheap gas prices and are feeling a little jealous we are here to help! While gas prices around the Capital Region aren't dirt cheap they are not exactly sky high either. At the same time no one wants to pay more for gas than they need to.

If you are looking for the lowest prices around the Capital Region there are several killer websites that will show you exactly where to go to spend the least when filling up around where you live and commute. Websites like Geico, AutoBlog, and GasBuddy.

According to GasBuddy it looks like the lowest price in Albany County at the time of this post is on Curry Rd. and Guilderland Ave. in Rotterdam at $2.44. While we certainly dont have the lowest prices in the country we are definitely not the highest! That honor goes to those west coaster in California.