On this weeks Free Advice Friday some advice on how to make it through Thanksgiving dinner with the family...

Thanksgiving is time for breaking bread or wishbones with your loved ones and giving thanks for all that you have. However, it is also that time of year that everyone gets together and proceeds to repeatedly ask you all those questions you have been conveniently avoiding all year long. Questions like,

"Hows the job hunt going?"

"When are you getting married?"

"Can we expect any grandchildren in the near future?"

and inevitably someone will be complaining about something. Whether it's grandpa complaining about the dry bird or aunt Agnus having something to say about lumpy mashed potatoes vs. creamy mashed potatoes.

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we have some advice on how to navigate the table conversation and make it through your family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Gobble Gobble!