It's a jungle in there. Yes I'm referring to the men's bathroom.

This is a topic no man speaks of. You are forced to learn yourself through awful awful experiences. Urinal etiquette, the struggle is real. There's a website hoping to educate at least 50% of the masses on how to properly urinal.  It's called Urinal Man, and it may just change your perspective on life, or at least using a public men's room.

Now I took the test, got a B+, and I'm contesting that because I think I got them all right. That's not the only way the test may be flawed either. There's no mention of whether or not the urinal's have dividers and that's a real game changer. Plus stalls, stalls are an option, they win every single time.

Take the test yourself and see if you can beat my B+ on your first attempt.