As much of a tradition as the Super Bowl is, there is also the tradition of the Super Bowl Office Pool.

Throw down a few dollars and get assigned your respective squares. When each quarter ends, someone is walking away with some cash. It all depends on where you end up in the gird or what score you get assigned with your square.

Casey Fouler looked over the scores of games since the 2006 season to come up with the best number combinations for winning. Casey says based on the data you should try to go for the squares:

  • Denver 7-3
  • Denver 10-6
  • Denver 17-3
  • Denver 20-16

When breaking down the quarters, Casey's data says:

First Quarter

  • 90% first quarter scores end with 0, 3, or 7
  • 2 has hit only 13 times
  • 5 has hit only 6 times
  • If you have anything else, 'give up' at that point

Rest of the Game

  • 0, 3, and 7 are the common combinations
  • Those combinations make up 68% of the 2nd quarter, 58% of the 3rd quarter, and 47% of the game's final score
  • 2, 5, and 8 have better chances towards the end of the game


2014 Super Bowl Squares Odds