Get them while you can! The United States Postal Service will deliver up to four Covid-19 home test kits to your place of residence.

You can place your order here

Each residential address is allowed a maximum of four individual rapid Covid-19 antigen tests. The post office will begin shipping tests in late January.

The comes as there has been vast increase in Covid cases all over the country due to the rapidly spreading and highly contagious Omicron variant. Tests have been hard to come by in recent weeks, causing many to wait outside in long lines at various testing sites in the Albany area.

You probably saw on the news the long lines of people waiting out in the cold to get a test at the Crossgates testing site. Many urgent care facilities were offering tests by appointment, but that still came with long wait times.

Some good news, based on reports of the NYS Department of Health, both the State and Capital Region may have seen our peak of cases. Albany County has reported a drastic decrease in positive cases over the past few days. There has even been some speculation that the Omicron variant, based on how contagious it is, could finally bring an end to the pandemic. Again, that is still just speculation.

So, order your tests while they're still available. Again, they may not arrive until the end of the month or early February, but since we never know when the virus may strike or if a new variant comes out, you might has well have them just in case.

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