So if you have been up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building in Manhattan you know it will cost you a pretty penny, but this won't.

So while the skyscrapers of all the major cities across the United States will charge you a pretty hefty fee to get up to their observation decks, one in Albany doesn't. You would think being a high rise that is owned by the ever so taxing state of New York you would also have to pay to get a view from the top of the building. This actually to at least my surprise isn't the case.

The Erastus Corning Tower or the bigger building in the Empire State Plaza may not be as tall as others just hours south of it. It still is a remarkable 589 feet tall. That will provide an incredible view of Albany and surrounding areas. But lets talk the sediment brought up above, how is this free? This seems like a perfect way for the state to charge you and a fee nobody would bat an eye at. I recall asking people in the past, how much is it to get to the top of the Corning Tower. Answer now known: FREE!!

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