What the guys on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show are not talking about, is that it is: Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, Battery Day and Drink Wine Day. It is also Ash Wednesday, I am sure if women love Ash and Lent, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that women like Ice Cream, Batteries and Wine more.   


Why do I think it is Women's Day?

1. Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.

Women love to eat Ice Cream, I know from experience. Not only do I have a wife who I have to hide Ice Cream from, but I have attempted to simulate the experience of a woman enjoying Ice Cream, how?

3 words; Mint Chocolate Chip. 4 more words; Golden Girls Box Set.

Add "for breakfast" to that and most women will think that they woke up in a Spa.

2. Batteries Day.

Women love batteries. Think of all the things a woman can use batteries for:

Cell phones, The remote, an automatic page turner for when they are reading. A Digital Camera, Coffee bean grinder, Electric toothbrush, Cordless Phones.

Am I missing something?

3. Drink Wine Day

Women love to drink wine, you ever hear of a bunch of guys talking about how they are going to go watch sports at the bar and drink wine?

Women love to drink wine while reading books and crocheting which is king of a scary thought.

I am sure that Women like to more then just read and crochet while they drink wine, but I would not know, I am a Man. I go to Hooters and drink beer and watch sports.


And that is why I think it is Women's Day.