I know we have the death penalty in some states but don’t you think we should think about the pink juice for some non criminals?

I’m not suggesting we just start offing people who look at us funny but maybe there needs to be some sort of criteria of quality of life that helps determine if we allow some people to go on living. According to nydailynews.com a man who is suspected of being high on PCP went on a real life naked GTA rampage in Jersey City. After police arrested the man he proceeded to use their back seat as a porcelain throne and then snack on his own finger.

Look, I know this guy hasn’t committed a crime that would call for the death penalty in any state. However, I remember when I was younger my friend Corey having a dog that got a little old. The dog turned grumpy and no longer liked to do things. Also the dog sort of lost control of its own bathroom habits and sometimes would use people’s shoes as if they were the back yard. When this kind of behavior occurred it was clear the dog had be brought to the vet and put down… so when a dude is doing this same thing in the back of a police car and one upping the dog by eating his own hand, why not make the educated decision that maybe life isn’t for this guy?

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