Scientists found that they were able to lure Great White Sharks to their boat by playing Darkest Hour, because the sound of heavy metal is similar to a fish about to become a Great White Shark's prey.


Yesterday I posted videos from LadyBaby and just like me, some of our online audience were completely mesmerized.

Excited about my discovery, I was quick to tell Flounder about it, like I do whenever I find something on the internet. Usually Flounder refuses to look at what I have found, because he claims that it's "Too weird." Even if I do convince him to look at something I found he asks me "Why are you making me watch this?"

This time it was different, I showed Flounder LadyBaby and then he showed me something similar that is equally awesome!

Baby Metal:

The record company that paid the NFL to have Katy Perry perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, have been proved wrong and exposed as liars, because sharks don't listen to whatever you want to call the noise that she is commonly associated with. They don't want to dance with her and in fact those sharks were fake, just like Katy Perry.

Sharks love metal and I think that they would go goo-goo for Baby Metal.

Just like me.