We all have those days where we get sick of sitting at home, here are a few place you could go on those boring days.

Luckily there are plenty of things just a few hours outside of the Capital Region to do. Even if you've been to some of these places it is still fun to visit many of them again. For a full list put together by New York Upstate click the link below. Lets get started.


  • Santa's Workshop

    Want some Christmas Cheer to lift you up? Only a little over two hours north of Albany. This is more of a summer destination seeing as it doesn't open until June 28th but it still is something to keep in mind if your bored, especially if you have kids.

  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Around an hour and a half away from Albany if you've never been maybe you should go. See what life was like 250 years ago.

  • Enchanted Forest

    I remember as a kid never going here and always being mad about it. Even adults can have fun here though and it isn't insanely far from the Capital Region.

  • Lake George

    Need I describe, plenty to do around the Queen of American Lakes.

  • Howe Caverns

    This is one I need to go to myself again. Haven't been in about 15 or so years and would love to experience this as an adult. Very close to the Capital Region.

  • Cooperstown

    Even if you aren't a baseball fan its still a good time going to the baseball hall of fame. I think everyone should go here at least once in their life.

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