Did you watch wrestling in the 1990s? Billy Gunn was one of the bigger stars in the WWE in that decade and you can meet him in March!

Now Billy Gunn didn't spend a lot of time in the main event scene in the WWE. His peak years are arguably 1998-1999. During those years he enjoyed the bulk of his success in the wrestling business as a member of Degeneration X. Gunn is easily one of the greatest tag team competitors ever. He has 11 tag championships to his name.

He also was the 1999 King of The Ring and was in a high profile match at the 1999 Summerslam against The Rock.

In later years Gunn was a trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Florida. These are a few of the things wrestling fans will remember. Above all is the iconic entrance music about rear ends he came to the ring with in the late nineties.

Meet him at Heroes Hideout on March 16th. Info on there Facebook page here.