Amoo Hadji of Iran has not taken a bath or shower in over 60 years and I have never been more jelly. This dude is the original hipster and has been sticking it to the man and society for over half a century. Not even Dharma of Dharma and Greg is this motivated and free-spirited.

“Amoo Hadji, lives in the village of Dezhgah in the Dehram district of Fars province in Iran.

The man eats dead animals, and his most prized possession is his pipe, which is 3 inches in diameter, in which he smokes animal dung. Amoo Hadji lives in a stone shack built for him by his neighbours and he rests in a hole in the ground resembling a grave.” – middleeastmonitor

Next time you are sitting in your dead-end, pencil-pushing, do-nothing-with-your-life job, just remember Amoo Hadji has got it made!

This dude gets to kick back in his own grave and smoke animal poo all day. And just when you think life couldn’t get any better he uses his crusty hands covered with silt and fecal matter from the Eisenhower era to pull apart the remains of a rotting golden jackal and feast upon its sweet sweet dead animal nectar. If you ask me, Amoo Hadji has got it all figured out.

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