The temperature is starting to go down in the Capital Region but it does not bother me because real men don't get cold they just chill, but when is it time to break out the Fall wardrobe?

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A friend of mine had a bet with his cousin when we were in high school, my friend's cousin bet him that he could not wear shorts for the entire year, my friend won the bet but got too used to wearing shorts all year long so he never stopped.

It drove all the teachers and principles crazy because they did not understand how he was able to wear shorts in the dead of winter.

I wanted to try it, but eventually my mom would not let me so I never got completely used to wearing shorts for the entire year but I usually don't break out the Fall/Winter wardrobe until mid November, or until I get tired of hearing my wife complain about how I dress myself.

Right now I am still rocking the shorts but I have upgraded my upper-body attire to a hoody.

This year I am going to try and push the shorts for as long as I can take it, but that's just me, when do all of you start bundling up?