I decided to kick off October by watching 'The Exorcist' I watched it alone and I was not scared, I was not sure if I have seen it too many times or if I have become desensitized by modern horror movies.

LA Screening Of "The Exorcist" Re-Release
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I appreciated the acting on display in the movie because the actors and actresses were actually acting and doing a good job, instead of most people in modern movies who just kind of show up and do whatever.

I appreciated the slow brooding style of 'The Exorcist' I cringed at the medical scenes but then I started noticing the flaws in the special effects and kept reminding myself that the green stuff coming out of Reagan's mouth is Pea Soup.

As I watched the movie and realized that I was actually looking forward to the scary scenes as if they were a Pro Wrestler about to make their entrance, I thought I was some kind of heathen.

When the scary scenes did not scare me, I thought about more modern movies about exorcisms and started comparing them to 'The Exorcist' in my head, trying to figure out if they are scarier, then I remembered that the last movie to legitimately scare me 'Gumo.'

I was not disappointed that 'The Exorcist' did not even make my eyes widen this time around, the movie is everything that I remember and I still consider it to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time, but the question or idea that disappoints me is that 'The Exorcist' may not scare the younger generations like it scared me when I was a kid.

The Exorcist still gets 5 stars from me, even if the kids theses days think that Lady Gaga playing a vampire is scarier.

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