With the Capital Region being so rich in history it is no wonder there are a lot of reports of haunted places. Here is one towns story.

It is very easy to see why Saratoga Springs would have so much paranormal activity. With history dating back to before the Revolutionary War. Here is what makes Saratoga Stand out among the rest.

  • YADDO GARDENS: For one they hold ghost tours every year. Beyond that the statues while not only look creepy as hell they also are known for throwing an off putting vibe. That's a bit spooky in and of itself. If interested in the paranormal wait until mid September or so and spend $10 for a tour of the Yaddo Gardens.
  • BATCHELLER MANSION: A little unusual. One it hosted a horror flick in years past called "The Skeptic" and also is a B&B. I may just stay home. The story goes that George Batcheller who owned the mansion originally actually roams the halls according to Onlyinyourstate.com. The mansion doesn't turn away investigators either which is pretty cool.
  • CANFIELD CASINO: Have you seen the episode of Ghost Hunters "It's Time to Get Touched"? If not well maybe you should being that it was shot here. From women of the Victorian period going up and down the halls to smelling cigar smoke with no reason at all. It seems that this location which currently is a museum also is very haunted.

Are there other locations in Saratoga you know to be haunted? Let us know!! Full details and photos of these places at the link below.


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