Last night's show was out of this world, almost literally! When Jared Leto is in charge, there's no guarantees as to what will happen. It's like he grabbed the world in his hand, threw it, and put something else in its place. Something even I can't explain.

Last night's show at Northern Lights proved that rescheduling a show three times does not matter to fans. It was a sold out event, and I think every single person showed up! There were people from Vermont and even Montreal that drove hours just to see 30 Seconds to Mars perform. I can't speak for them, but I'm sure they would say it was well worth the trip.

One of my favorite parts of the night was two young girls who traveled from Montreal to be at the show. They couldn't have been more than 18-years-old, and they made their own 30 STM shirts and drove over five hours. They also spoke French, and were so cute and friendly. We were told to invite some people from the crowd to the meet and greet, so I

 picked them due to their devotion to the band. They reminded me of myself, only a few years younger. The looks on their faces were priceless. It made me so happy to make their night.

There was only one opening band: California-based two-man band Middle Class Rut, made up of Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham in 2006. I give these guys credit for attempting to do what usually a group of four or five do, and sometimes duo's make it really far, however I think they took on too much and tried to do too much. I think investing in one or two more members would help them out immensely. Their sound just seemed frantic and scattered, as frontman Lopez had to keep up with his vocals and guitar, while Stockham had drum and vocal duty. Since they are a duo, it would be more noticeable if they messed up as well. I think they would benefit from divvying up the musical chores than trying to take them all on themselves.

After a short intermission, the crowd's wait was over, and they came on. Jared, Shannon and Tomo took the stage, and the aura changed. Everything was covered in white light; so bright that frontman Jared Leto wore flattering sunglasses for the first few songs. It truly was like a spaceship was about to land at any second. It was amazing, and the crowd went nuts.

Speaking of the crowd, many fans participated in what was called "white night," where they dress entirely in white in support of the band. It also represents "carpe diem" and unity to 30 Seconds. (There have been other theme nights during the tour as well, such as "black night" and "Hurricane night"). It was really cool to see how many people took the time to deck themselves out in all white. It just added to the intensity of the white lights.

Jared Leto is a fabulous performer. I don't even think I saw the other two band members all night due to the lights and my focus on Jared. He came out in sunglasses and with a jacket on, and eventually took them both off (it was a change from the black and white fleece snuggie he was wearing in the meet and greet!). He was also in white and at times even looked shirtless, which I'm sure no one would've complained about.

Jared was very interactive with the crowd. He often let them sing, as he would turn the mic around so everyone could hear them perfectly chanting together to the tune of the songs. At one time he even let a bunch of people up on stage with him. I've only seen this one other time (The Used!!) and he took his time picking people and making deals with them, for example the next five people who crowd surf will be the final five picked. He picked individuals out as well which I thought was awesome of him. "The kid with the black shirt, the one with the green hair, oh and you over there with the mohawk."

30 Seconds played for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and played the following songs (not all are listed): "Beautiful lie," "Attack," "The Kill" and "This is war." While Jared was joined on stage by fans, they performed "Kings and queens," which I thought was appropriate, as each person up there probably felt like a king or queen. "From yesterday" and "Hurricane" were also done, but acoustically. They are not naturally acoustic songs, but they were amazing with just a guitar and Jared's voice. The crowd went crazy all night, as did my mind and heart with admiration for this trio.

Reguardless of whether or not anything about the band or its name has to actually do with space of any sorts, watching 30 Seconds to Mars was really like being in another dimension, another world. Jared easily grabs the attention and minds of all in the room and brings them wherever he wants. I enjoyed it, and can't wait to be taken to another world again someday.