Yes it is Groundhog Day and Punksatony Phil is pissed. As you can see, he is being kept in what looks like big jar. He has to smell his own Groundhog toots all day, so he has predicted 6 more weeks of winter out of spite. Find out what Hot Wings thinks about this on The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show.


Coincidentally, like Punksatony Phil is stuck in that big jar, Upstate New York is stuck inside because of the snow storm that Pennsylvania deserves more then us, because we did not put Phil in a jar. They did.

So here is a list of things you can do while you're snowed in today.

1. Watch my videos on my YouTube Channel! (NSFW) 

2. Pee up in the air at the snow and see if it can snow yellow snow.

3. Watch Q103's own Dalton Castle in his TV Debut on RoH this past week end. If it is not on demand and you did not DVR it, it should be somewhere in the internet. You have all day to find it. Here is a picture of what it looks like.


4. Watch "Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure" on Netflix and remember Alex Winter so that he will turn off the snow.

5. Order the WWE Network for 9.99, watch this years Royal Rumble, cancel your subscription. 

6. Listen to Q103.

7. Feel fortunate that you don't have to go to work or school and put up with Patriot Fans. Then go on Facebook and Twitter and ignore them. 

8. Head down to Pennsylvania and break Phil out of his big jar. 

9. Shave all the hair off of your body and then rub Vaseline all over yourself and call yourself the "Human Worm" rub up against people and slide down your stairs. 

10. Make plans to see me Dan America at the Comedy Works in Albany Thursday Night. 

11. Do whatever you want, because you will have to live this day over and over again until you get it right. But don't kill anyone or yourself, because it may just be a movie. But if it is a movie you can get away with murder. But it is not a movie. 

12. Ignore suggestion 11. 




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