Today is the fake holiday known as ground hog day, and it's when a bunch of idiots gather in Pennsylvania to see a rodent predict the future.  He has seen his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. Big surprise being that it's the the second day of February.


I have never been one to believe in groundhog day.  It seems that every year I can remember, Phil has seen his shadow.  Being that it's the beginning of February, it's not a stretch that we will see six more weeks of winter, which is his prediction again this year.  That's right folks, he has seen his shadow once again.

All things considered, we have been pretty luck so far this year when it comes to winter.  So if it's six more weeks of this mild weather, then I am just fine with that.  Though there is still  a very good chance that we will see some big time winter weather.

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