It's almost summer in the Capital Region (though it already feels that way lately with the high temperatures).  I for one am so happy to be away from snowstorms and grey skies for a few months, and am looking forward to a great summer here in Albany.  Then I got to thinking- what things are necessary for it to be a true summer in the Capital Region? Well, here's my list!  If your staples aren't on there, let us know!  What's necessary for your summer in the Capital Region?

  • 1

    Road Construction

    Seriously. Summer and road construction always go hand in hand! I get it, there's no snow or ice so you can actually get things done outdoors.  But there's nothing fun about it when you're trying to get up the North to hit the water for some boating, swimming, or fishing while sitting in one lane construction traffic. Yet the struggle of construction traffic is a staple- what is summer without road construction!

  • 2

    Live Music Outdoors

    SPAC concerts! Alive at Five! Rockin' on the River! There are so many great outdoor music events in the Capital Region during the summertime, from free concerns to arena shows, and I can't imagine a summer in Albany without any live music outdoors.

  • 3

    A Trip to the Ice Cream Stand

    What's a summer in the Capital Region without a trip to the Snowman in Troy to shove your face with all kinds of soft ice cream goodness! Or any of the other great ice cream stands around the Capital Region! Sweltering heat and soft ice cream? Now that makes a summer great.

  • 4

    The Track

    The Capital Region can not have a summer be complete without the Saratoga Race Track.  Even if you've never seen a horse race in your life, you've probably heard someone talk about 'track season' in the Capital District.  And summer, well, that's track season!

  • 5

    The Albany Empire

    Ok, so this arena football team is new but I'm totally adding this to my list as a summer staple.  Because to me, summer and sports go hand in hand.  And what better way to enjoy a summer staple then with our very own Capital Region sports team, inside a nice cool area with refreshments!  So rounding out my list is an Albany Empire arena football game.