It's not easy keeping the Capital Region cool in the midst of a heat wave. So while you're enjoying the AC and cold treats don't forget all the hardworking folks busting their butts in the heat to keep you cool.

It has been brutally HOT in the Capital Region the last couple of days and wouldn't you know, just as the heat was really kicking in it also happened to be the exact time that the air conditioning decided not to function properly at work (isn't that always the case).

So after sweating it out in the studio there was no way that I was going to entertain the even the thought of cooking. On my way home I figured I'd grab some subs and a Stewart's Iced Coffee, because it pretty much tastes like ice cream just you know, with caffeine.

I stopped at Stewart's on Central Ave. and they told me that they were all out of ice. To be honest I didn't really think anything of it.That is until I stopped at a second Stewart's on Western and they too said they were all out of ice! Apparently with heat the ice people could not keep the freezers full long enough (don't worry they still had plenty of ice cram though). I ended up opting for the iced coffee minus the ice, which was still cold.


Both spots had lines down the isles with people waiting for some scoops of ice cream and even the people at the sub shop were absolutely slammed with people ordering cold meals to go so they don't have to cook.

So while we are taking advantage of the comfort and convince ordering out and stopping for cold treats I think it's important that we remember to thank everyone working through the heat to keep us cool. From the ice cream scooper to the restaurant workers and especially the good folks keeping the AC's running. Thank you for all you do to keep us cool while the near record breaking temps bake the Capital Region.


Apparently Stewart's (and their ice guys) aren't the only local business being affected by the heat Jumoin' Jack's in Scotia and Hattie's in Saratoga have both had to close their kitchens due to the heat. While I know that it's a bummer that their delicious eats are not available I am glad to see that their owners are taking care of their crew in this heat.

Stay safe out there and make sure to drink lots of water!