We are getting closer and closer to the solar eclipse happening and parts of New York are actually some of the best places to see the solar eclipse in all of America.

The line of 'totality' specifically falls on Western New York, meaning that you will see complete darkness in Western New York when the eclipse is at fully happening.

What time is the solar eclipse happening in New York State?

The eclipse will start partial totality and end with partial totality meaning the time that it will START getting dark to COMPLETE sunlight again, is going to be around 2.5 hours.

Total darkness will only happen for approximately 3-4 minutes. 

Here are all of the times that the solar eclipse will happen in every city in New York State from beginning to end. The times listed below are PARTIAL TOTALITY STARTS to PARTIAL TOTALITY ENDS.

JAMESTOWN 2:02:38 - 4:31:43

BUFFALO 2:04:56 - 4:32:10

ROCHESTER 2:07:00 - 4:33:26

SYRACUSE 2:09:01 - 4:34:49

WATERTOWN 2:10:05 - 4:35:01

LAKE PLACID 2:13:02 - 4:36:43

PLATTSBURGH 2:14:03 - 4:37:07

Reminder that this is the entire duration. The total darkness time, for every city, is less than 4 minutes.


The hype is real for the eclipse. There are so many parties which is forcing businesses and schools to shut down.

Wegmans stores in New York State and some in PA will actually be closed for a little bit on April 8, 2024. They are going to let employees go outside and see the historic event, therefore there will be no shopping for 30 minutes from 3 PM to 3:30 on that day.

Fingers crossed that it is a clear day so that we can see the eclipse happen. Regardless if it is cloudy or not, it is still going to get dark.

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