How many packages have you lost in the mail? If you live in New York, chances are you've lost count.

While New York is among the worst states for porch piracy, there's another issue impacting online shoppers - the Postal Service itself.

USPS Processes Packages At Tennessee Facility
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Experts in digital mailboxes at iPostal1 looked into the number of packages lost on a monthly basis and determined which states are the worst at keeping track of them.

While New York topped the roundup, it missed the #1 spot by a mere fraction. Colorado secured the title of having the most lost packages, amounting to a whopping 12,776 lost per 100,000 citizens.

New York claimed second place, averaging 12,631 lost packages per 100,000 residents. The reason why the Empire State ranked so high could be due to " its dense and busy urban areas, which combined with the state’s complex infrastructure, could contribute towards delivery issues."

Post Offices Across Country Brace For Expected Busiest Mail Day
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Meanwhile, the reason explaining why Colorado is horrible with package delivery was ts "challenging weather conditions" in the winter.

As for the state that rounded out the top 3, that would be Florida. The Sunshine State loses an average of 12,583 packages per 100,000 residents per month.

Here's all the states to make the top 10:

  1. Colorado
  2. New York
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Vermont
  6. Wyoming
  7. Washington
  8. Maine
  9. Nevada
  10. Oregon

As for how iPostal1 determined this ranking, its researchers "analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches in each state for over 150 terms related to lost mail, including ‘USPS mail recovery’ and ‘FedEx lost mail.’"

US Postal Service Experiences Busiest Day Of The Year As Holidays Approach
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From there, the volume of these searches was compared against the total population per state to determine where residents are most likely to lose a package or fifteen.

Jeff Milgram, CEO and Founder of iPostal1, said of this latest survey:

While the postal service works diligently to deliver mail promptly and accurately, certain states face inherent challenges that make this task more difficult. Residents in states like Colorado, New York, and Florida should be particularly vigilant about tracking their orders and reporting any issues to their local postal services.

Milgram recommends residents should always double check if the package is being sent to the correct address and consider investing in a secure mailbox to ensure a safe delivery.

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Also, for those curious about the state that has the best track record with delivering packages, that would be Oklahoma. Second best was Mississippi while South Dakota was crowned the third best state for package delivery.

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