The solar eclipse is days away and New York is on its direct path of totality. But there are some cities and towns that get to stay in the dark the longest.

The last time New York was able to experience a complete solar eclipse was back in 1925 and we won't see one again until 2079, according to the NY State Department of Education.

New York's 20 Cities and Towns with Longest Totality Duration

Credit - Jongsun Lee via Unsplash
Credit - Jongsun Lee via Unsplash

Because New York is on the path of totality, the state is among the select few that will enjoy a longer and more impressive eclipse than other states. For those who want to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime event, here's all the cities and towns that are the best places to catch the show.

New York Towns with the Longest Eclipse Totality on April 8

Where you watch the eclipse on April 8 will matter in New York. Some cities and towns will only enjoy the fabled "ring of fire" effect for less than a minute while others will enjoy the spectacular display for nearly four minutes!

Here's 20 "Eclipse Cities" that have the longest totality duration.

Gallery Credit: Megan

The place on the path of totality with the shortest duration time is the Town of Romulus in Seneca County. Totality there will only last about 50 seconds. The Hamlet of North River has the second shortest amount of time, with only a minute and two seconds of totality.

Getting Ready for the Eclipse

Map of 2024 eclipse on April 8th, produced by
Map of 2024 eclipse on April 8th, produced by

The majority of Upstate New York is on the path of totality, but the remainder of the state will enjoy roughly no less than 80 percent totality.

Numerous eclipse events are being held throughout the Empire State, including SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Marcy.

As for being able to look up at the sky, several places are offering free eclipse glassesIf you aren't able to nab a pair, there are other ways for you to safely watch the eclipse.

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But let's say Mother Nature decides to not play nice on April 8, NASA will be livestreaming the total solar eclipse.

Either way, have fun on April 8 and try to make the most of this spectacular celestial event. The next time we'll get to see one here in New York will be 55 years from now.

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