If your New Year's Resolution is to stay away from the sweets this year, just forget about that for the next few minutes.

Over the holiday season, many families across the  Hudson Valley were baking cookies with their loved ones and constructing the most perfect cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

There is one Hudson Valley family, however, who is baking cookies year-round. Dave and Heather Maffei of Marlboro, New York are the creators and masterminds behind Halfsies Cookie Co.

Halfsies Cookie Co. of Marlboro, New York

The company was created back in 2019 after Dave was experimenting with a cookie recipe and was told by friends and family that the cookies were way too big! That's when they decided to cut the large cookies in half and Halfsies Cookies was born.

Since then the Marlboro, NY-based company has been churning out different flavors of Halfsies like Birthday Cake, Churro, and Campfire Banana Boat for cookie lovers across the US.

Halfsies Cookie Co doesn't have a storefront but they ship out their freshly baked cookies promptly. On their website, they explain that they package their cookies using a vacuum sealing system that "not only locks in maximum freshness, but minimizes movement during shipping" so the cookies show up to your doorstep as fresh as possible and not broken.

Bethenny Frankel Gets Her Hands on Halfsies Cookies

In December Entrepreneur, founder of SkinnyGirl Brand, and former Real Housewife, BethennyFrankel got her hands on a few packages of Halfsies Cookies. Throughout the year Frankel was trying different types of cookies and rating them with her daughter on social media which made for adorable mother-daughter content. Frankel and her daughter warmed up a few Halfsies Cookies and by the sounds of the video, they were thoroughly impressed! The entrepreneur wrote on Tiktok

Wait… these cookies are amazing! @Halfsies Cookie Company PS. Perfect if you want half a cookie, or want to mix and match.

  Take a look at the original video below:      

@bethennyfrankel Wait… these cookies are amazing! @Halfsies Cookie Company PS. Perfect if you want half a cookie, or want to mix and match. #cookietok#cookiereview#cookies#halfcookies#halfsiescookies#makingcookies#christmasactivities#bakingcookies#mommyandme♬ original sound - Bethenny Frankel


Bethany Frankel, TikTok
Bethany Frankel, TikTok
After a year of trying so many cookies, Frankel declared in a follow-up video that Halfsies Cookies of Marlboro, NY was the best home-baked cookie she's ever tried! You can watch her full review here:

@bethennyfrankel Cookie overload. I can’t stop won’t stop eating these #cookies @Halfsies Cookie Company #churros #reeses #YUM #cookiecrawl ♬ original sound - Bethenny Frankel

Craving a Halfsies Cookie yet? Orders must be placed through their website, but you can get a sneak peek at what flavors Dave and the Halfises team is working on on their social media accounts


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