Few wrestlers have been more beloved during their careers than Mick Foley. That is what made this promo video, which was recorded from a VHS tape and posted to YouTube, so incredible to find.

Check this out:

In one of the most unlikely crossovers of all-time, Mick Foley voiced his support of the Albany Attack.

This video aired during the Attack's inaugural season, which was played in the year 2000. Based on information in the video, the team was promoting a home game at the (then) Pepsi Arena, which would be their second-to-last home game, on April 2, 2000.

They were taking on the Philadelphia Wings, who ironically, eventually became the Albany FireWolves after moving from Philadelphia to New England, and New England to Albany.

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The video is an incredible piece of history that has, luckily, been immortalized online. Though the connection between Foley and the Attack may not make sense to most, we did some digging, and found that Foley actually played lacrosse while in high school in East Setauket, NY.

He shared more about his lacrosse background in this video:

One more interesting detail: the WWF came to Pepsi Arena a few times in the fall and winter of 1999. These events included Smackdown! on September 7th, and WWF Live on December 5th, both of which featured Mankind (Foley) in a match.

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So, it's fair to assume that, in either September or December of 1999, the Albany Attack front office filmed this promo with Mick Foley, and had it air in the Capital Region during the season.

What a cool moment in Albany lacrosse history.

A quick shoutout to the current-day Albany FireWolves, as well, who created throwback Albany Attack jerseys to wear in their regular season home finale on April 6th.

Check them out:

They looked just as spectacular in-person, believe me!

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