CDTA passengers in Troy have endured quite an unlucky St. Patrick's Day thus far. A water main break occurred at the intersection of 4th Street and Federal Street, and a certain CDTA bus driver didn't realize a sinkhole was created underneath the giant puddle of water. Needless to say, the incident put quite a damper on things for some people in the Capital Region.

The Intersection in Question

Google Street View
Google Street View

According to, the water main break was one of five total throughout the area. A Facebook reel captured by Marc Lawlor shows the incident as it occured. As you can see, the driver likely assumed they were driving through a harmless puddle until the bus bottomed out and the back end got stuck. In a tweet by the Troy Police Department, they explain how 3rd and 4th Streets were closed between Fulton and Federal Streets for repairs.

Sadly, this incident has led to Rensselaer being left with an inadequate supply of water, which is hard considering they pay Troy for water. Many residents now have to conserve water as a result, and Rensselaer Mayor Mike Stammel reported that only 20% of their normal amount of water was being pumped through by Friday afternoon. This is especially devastating to the residents of Rensselaer considering they had their own water main break earlier this week (

Fortunately, only three people plus the bus driver were on the bus, and were all evacuated safely ( It is unclear how long it will take for things to be completely repaired and cleared out, but the bus has since been removed from the sinkhole.

Skoolie Bus Conversion

This is "Ruth" a 2010 Skoolie bus that has been converted into your next home on wheels. This treasure is currently available for $26,000 in the Capital Region via Clifton Park Online Garage Sale on Facebook. Let's take a look at her!

The Gilded Age Filming Locations, Troy, NY

See the before and after pictures of the buildings, businesses and landmarks that went from Troy, NY in 2022 to Manhattan in the 1800's. All of this in preparation for HBO's The Gilded Age Season 2.

Abandoned Rensselaer County Burger King is Surprisingly In Tact

This Burger King was located on Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush. After a near 40 year run, the restaurant closed its doors in 2017, long before the pandemic. These photos/video were taken nearly 2 years later in 2019. The inside remained in relatively good shape. You can see the old school swivel chairs and booths were all still there. Pictures and paintings remained on the wall and for the most part, inside looked pretty clean.

It's more common to find abandoned buildings covered in graffiti, windows broken, raided for copper and ceiling tiles left decaying on the floor. There's a little bit of that here, but the restaurant for the most part - at least on the inside looks ok. There is a door boarded up and the back loading dock has some ceiling tiles down. And yes, somebody did break one of the windows of the drive thru, but that could've been an angry customer from when they were still open.

Outside is a bit of a different story. As the interior photos were taken in 2019, the exterior was starting to have a tough time. Photos from 2021 do show some additional wear and tear, including more broken windows, pieces of the roof coming down and a serious absence of landscaping.

Although not independently verified, records show this property was sold at auction back in February of 2020.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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