Black bear sneaks into Chatham home

Wow!  I'm all about getting up close and personal with wildlife and nature, but this might be a little bit too much if you ask me.

This is an incredible home video and the type of thing that you rarely get to see, especially here in Upstate NY - but imagine experiencing it first-hand.

See the incredible video below

Watch as a hungry black bear meanders into a house in Chatham, NY only to be chased away by the family dog.

In the amazing video captured this week on a home surveillance camera, you can see the black bear innocently poking its head through the front door, which was left slightly ajar.

Moments after the bear pops its head through the door, it continues on and enters the living room.  Once inside the house, the curious bear stops to look around, before shuffling over to a corner of the home where it sees something it likes.

The bear stays there for a few seconds, but then moments later, the family dog steps in to see what's up!

The video was sent to and shared by WNYT, NewsChannel 13, and if the first 55 seconds weren't incredible enough, watch what happens during the last 10 seconds of the video.

Shout-Out to the brave family dog!

The meandering bear was just starting to get comfortable - and may have been moments away from doing some real damage - when the brave family dog decided to investigate the strange noise and unusual smell coming from the living room.

As soon as the bear sees the dog, it knows it messed up and it quickly scurries out the door it left open.

Check out the entire video here:


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