This is nuts.  It involves one of my very best childhood friends, a move he made a few years ago to Los Angeles, and a bone-chilling discovery on the property of his LA home that connects directly to the scene where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered back in 1994.

*This story was originally published a few years ago, but it's fascinating to me, and since OJ is back in the news, we decided to share it again.

Albany native

A longtime friend of mine - who requested some anonymity - grew up in Albany and lived in the Capital Region for decades.

For the sake of this story, we'll call my friend "SD."   SD was an East Coast guy for his entire life - 18 of those years he lived in Albany - but a few years ago that changed when he got a job offer in California.

Ultimately, my friend and his wife decided to move themselves and their children to Los Angeles.  SD and the rest of the old Albany crew keep in touch regularly on a text chain talking sports, politics, pop culture, current events, and just the typical ball-busting that friends do.

4.5 miles from the murder

SD lives about 4.5 miles from the Brentwood condo that Nicole Brown Simpson lived in when she and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered back in June of 1994.  It was a gruesome and grisly crime of passion that many people to this day believe was committed by OJ Simpson, her ex-husband at the time.

According to the LA Times, a pedestrian saw Nicole Simpson’s body on the walkway steps near the front gate to her condo, and the body of Goldman was found nearby.  That brings us to SD's discovery.

The texts

A while back, SD sent the crew a text message radically different from anything we could ever have imagined, and it blew my mind.  SD told us about a discovery he made when he inquired about some mysterious gates stashed away on the side of his house.

Here's the message he sent, followed by the photo he took of the gates:

The text message from SD
The text message from SD
Nicole Brown Simpson's Gate to her house - where the murders took place.  This was found stashed along "SD's" property in LA
Nicole Brown Simpson's Gate to her house - where the murders took place.  This was found stashed along "SD's" property in LA

Scene of the Crime

Below is the same gate (in its proper upright position) the way they appeared at the entrance to Nicole Brown Simpson's condo where she and Ron were murdered.  There are many photos online that show these gates covered in blood as it's theorized that both killings took place near the entrance of her condo.  These are the gates that led to the entrance of her condo.

Embed from Getty Images

How did the gates get there?

SD explained that his landlord is a 99-year-old war veteran who came to LA and became a contractor/home builder.  After Nicole Brown was murdered, her house was put up for sale. The new owners wanted a complete renovation and SD's landlord was hired to do some of the work.

The new owners wanted to get rid of as many things that would be reminiscent of the murder, so the landlord took the gates off their hands,  thinking they might be worth something someday.

The landlord stores them on the side of the house. SD told me that he'd seen them for years and thought nothing of them.

He had been trying to get rid of them - before he knew their history -  but didn't have any takers.  It wasn't until a few weeks ago, that he learned about their significance.

SD believes that the landlord is still trying to get rid of them and now that my friend knows the gruesome backstory, he wants them gone too.

What would you do?

I think that SD is crazy for wanting them off his rental property and I even told him so. The creep factor is a 10 out of 10, but the fascination factor is a 10,000 out of 10.  But I get it, SD and his family want to be exonerated of the bad juju they may bring.

Call me crazy, but I don't think he should get rid of them.

As disturbing as it may be to know they're there, they are a huge piece of Americana.  The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman led to the most famous murder trial in American history. You can't just give these gates away.

If that makes me some kind of weirdo, then I guess I'm guilty as charged.

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