Anybody who thinks Reddit is just for misogyny and creepy porn is only PARTLY right. They do their fair share of good as well. The story of a man dying of cancer is one such instance. Thanks to the good people of Reddit this loyal Trekkie will get to see some, if not all, of the new 'Star Trek' movie before he dies, thanks to the one and only J.J. Abrams.

It all started when one Redditor posted Dan's tragic battle with leukemia and several operations and complications, followed up by another extremely aggressive form of vascular cancer. Since Dan was in the hospital, he had to exchange his tickets for a screening of 'The Hobbit' that would've included a 10-minute preview of 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' It was the Redditor's hope that somehow through upvotes (Reddit's way of promoting a post), the plea would reach the eyes and ears of somebody who could help Dan see the whole movie or at least the special preview in his final weeks. Apparently it worked.

Another Redditor posted that somebody has gotten in touch with Dan's wife and Abrams was going to make it happen. Stuff like this almost makes up for all the barely legal supercreep shots and WTF pics of dead pets littering Reddit. Almost.