Early this morning the Jackass star was killed in a fatal car crash in Pennsylvania.


Shocking news from the entertainment world this morning.  One of the stars of MTV's Jackass was killed today in a car accident.  Ryan Dunn was 34 years old.

Made famous with his buddy Bam Margera on Jackass, Dunn was always a favorite of mine on the show.  Always pushing the envelope, he was absolutely nuts on the show.  Bam's mother was the one who broke the news to TMZ.  Him and another person were killed in the crash around 3am this morning.

Just hours before his death he sent a picture of himself drinking with a couple of friends to his twitter page.  No telling yet if alcohol was involved, but judging from this picture I would say it was.

This video shows Dunn and his buddies doing what they do best.  Being crazy. RIP Dunn, you crazy bastard.