When Jake & Louie visited Q103 the 3 of us had all sorts of fun, including a meet and greet with everyone's favorite Flounder, we were supposed to be getting advice on how to break into radio, but this happened instead. 

Before Jake & Louie met with Flounder for his sage like advice, I gave them a tour of the Townsquare Media building. We decided that Louie should sit down for a job interview, they are still waiting to hear back from Townsquare, here is what happened.

When Jake & Louie first arrived they met with Richie Phillips of WGNA, because most of the people at the station thought that they were separated at birth.

There is one more video with Jake & Louie to come.

Find out what happens when we decide that Louie should run for President!

If Donald Trump can do it, then why not Louie?