Workers had to evacuate the Daiichi complex in Fukushima when a fire broke out yesterday and now there are dangerous levels of radiation in the air just 240 miles north of Tokyo.

Right now Japan is dealing with some serious radiation leaks and the problems are only seeming to get worse for them.  As fire broke out yesterday just a few hundred miles away from Tokyo panic began to arise around the Capital.  Workers were trying to clear a roadway in order to make way for fire trucks to move in to cool the reactors.  According to Reuters, experts are saying that the tactics being used to cool the reactors are a "last-ditch effort" in what will no doubt be considered one of the worlds worst industrial disasters.

People could see steam rising from the reactors.  This even triggered Japanese Emperor Akihito to deliver a video message to his people, which is a very rare occurrence.  He did not downplay the nuclear crisis going on and urged everyone to work hand in hand together during this disaster.

One of the biggest problems is that there is no time line for when this problem will be over because of the damage caused by the quake and tsunami. Debris covered roadways and the now sever radiation leaks are keeping help away.  If things don't get under control soon we could be looking at a nuclear meltdown for the ages.