I recently got to see one of my heroes of comedy live: Jason Mewes, half of the infamous ‘Jay & Silent Bob’ duo.  Here’s the photographic proof:


Yeah, it’s hard for me to take a serious photo.  Jason Mewes may be one to blame for that.  Growing up watching all of the various ‘Jay & Silent Bob’ movies and cameos and projects, it’s influenced me far too much.  From shaping my ridiculous sense of humor to my love for animation and comics, I can honestly say these guys were probably as much a part of my life with pop culture as was grunge music.  So obviously when I found out Jason Mewes was coming to town for a live show, I had to go, VIP style with a meet and greet.

Headling a lineup of three comics at the Albany “Funny Bone”, Jason ‘Jay’ Mewes did not disappoint.  Running out to the infamous Jay-Rap, the entire crowd sang along in unison.  In fact, kudos Capital Region because I think the crowd made me enjoy the show almost as much as Jason Mewes did.  Everyone was energetic, engaged, and laughing non-stop and that energy is just plain contagious.  From comedic stories about his childhood with Kevin Smith, to early filming days, to awkward real-life scenarios, the routine was a mix of comedy styles that kept the laughs going throughout the entire set.   If you went for some history in the ‘Jay & Silent Bob’ duo, you were satisfied.  If you went for crude humor and classic Jay sayings, you were satisfied.  If you went for awkward adult-life stories, you were satisfied. As for the meet & greet, week no-ones ever been more genuine.  The guy actually took time to take photos, sign stuff, and talk with each person instead of just a quick “hi- bye”. Moral of the story, “Jason Mewes & His A-Mewes-Ing Stories” is a comedy show worth seeing.  After all, in the world of reality, laughter is the best medicine.