There's always room for history...and Jell-O!

Did you know that Jell-O was created right here in New York State? I was unaware of this piece of state (and dessert) history until I discovered that there is a Jell-O museum out in Western New York.

It's called the Jell-O Gallery and it is located in LeRoy, New York - about three and a half hours from the Capital Region. This little town is located right in the middle of Rochester and Buffalo and their claim to fame is that it is the home to Jell-O.

The story goes, according to the history portion of the museum's website, that a man named Pearle Wait was experimenting with gelatin in his home to create a cough syrup and laxative. He messed around and came up with some fruit flavors and his wife really enjoyed it - though I do hope they had indoor plumbing if it was a laxative.

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At any rate, his wife named it Jell-O and he sold the idea to another guy in LeRoy for $450 in 1899. Obviously we know that Jell-O is now a household name and I think the Wait's got a little ripped off.

Either way, you can enjoy a tour through the history of Jell-O with several different exhibits at this unique museum. You can even get several different Jell-O recipes on their website and even some Jell-O merch if you're a big fan.

The exabits will take you through the creation of America's favorite dessert and see some really interesting Jell-O products through the years.

Truly one of the coolest roadside attractions you could come across while learning a little bit about our state and its history.

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