I know it’s only preseason, but after a long and rainy Monday, the couch is a great place to be tonight. And even we only see the smallest amount of time from the starters, it’s still fun just to hear the commentators talking football all night.


Plus, you always find out about a few acquisitions that weren’t quite as news breaking as some of the top name players, but can be very intricate parts to a winning season. If you’re a Jet fan, Plaxico Burress will not be suiting up for the game. And Andre Johnson may be sitting out for the Texans.

I am curious to get a taste of the Texans tonight. Every year more and more analysts keep picking them to finally get over the hump and make it to the playoffs with last year getting more backing than ever. Well, sometimes you’re a day late, or a season late. And I think this is the season that they turn the corner. And here’s why. First of all the Titans and Jaguars aren’t going anywhere. So that just leaves the Colts to battle with for the division. This year I believe the Texans will edge out Indy for division title. I know that Peyton is Peyton. And he’s awesome! But in years past Peyton always spent almost the entire summer practicing with all his receivers. Not only was he not allowed to do that with the lockout, but he’s also been recovering from neck surgery and has not been able to get everyone up to the speed that Peyton always is at. I think this will lead to a slow start for the Colts and Houston will finally get a chance to make some noise. I’m not saying they’re going to win the Superbowl, but you never know. It all starts by getting into the big dance, and then hoping you get hot!

Monday Night Countdown starts and 7pm on ESPN and the game kicks off just after 8pm.

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